How To Receive A Dress

The Belle of the Ball Boutique is for qualified girls who cannot afford the cost of a prom gown.

All dresses and related items are free of charge for qualified girls. The boutique is invitation only, and prior to attending the boutique, girls must be referred by a guidance counselor, teacher, religious organization representative, and/or social service agency representative. It’s our goal to provide the opportunity for all qualified participants to attend the boutique.

Boutique Guidelines

  • Referral forms must be completed by a guidance counselor, teacher, church leader or social service representative.
  • Girls must be juniors or seniors currently enrolled in high school or alternative education program.
  • Students must be pre-qualified by a referral partner.
  • Each student must present a valid school ID card or other proof of current enrollment and provide her name and contact information.
  • Each student must be accompanied by an adult (parent, aunt, guidance counselor, etc.).
  • Students must be present at the boutique. Adults will not be allowed to shop unless the student for whom they are shopping is physically present.
  • Students will have an assigned time to shop and will be allowed to choose one gown.
  • The boutique does not have facilities for children.

Referral Dates:

Friday, March 17th

Refer a Girl

I am a guidance counselor, teacher, church leader or social service representative and would like to refer a girl to the Belle of the Ball Program.