Refer A Girl

Collection Dates:

February 6th - March 26th

Referral Deadline:

Friday, March 17th

PLEASE NOTE: Referral does not guarantee an invitation to Boutique Day. All Referrals are carefully reviewed and we have a limited number of time slots available.


  • Referrals are CLOSED for 2023
  • Referral Deadline: March 17, 2023
  • Early Referral Incentive: Students referred through the website prior to February 7, 2023 will have the opportunity to choose between the following time preferences: Morning, Midday, Afternoon. Appointments are based on availability, and we are unable to take time slot preferences into consideration after February 7th. This incentive is only available to referrals made through the website and does not apply to students referred via fax. Schools providing bus transportation must make arrangements with Belle of the Ball for appointment availability.Referral forms must be completed by a guidance counselor, teacher, church leader, or social service representative.
  • Girls must be juniors or seniors currently enrolled in high school or alternative education program.
  • You are able to refer up to 10 students at once and/or return multiple times to the website to refer additional students prior to the posted deadline.
  • Please fill out the form in its entirety. All referrals will be carefully reviewed.
  • Referral does not guarantee an invitation to Boutique Day. Invitations are sent based on need. Students are invited based on the date of referral submission, seniority, and reason for referral and should NOT attend without written confirmation.
  • Invited students must be present on Boutique Day to receive a gown.