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Thank you for your recent Coats for Kids donation. Every year we reward the top schools for their generosity and this year we’re featuring them on our school donations leaderboard. Leaderboard points are determined by number of coats donated and number of students enrolled at each participating school. Use your receipt to enter the information below and your school will be on its way to the top! Good luck!

Ensure your school gets proper credit for your coat donations:

Please bring the school coats to your local Anton’s Store, the customer service representative will present you with a receipt containing your school name.

When dropping off the coats, the Anton’s clerk will give you a receipt that contains the number of coats dropped off. When dropping off coats, tell the sales clerk what school you are from and the town, make sure all of your information if spelled correctly on the receipt.

Find your school in the drop down menu below, and input the required fields from the donation receipt (i.e. receipt number, number of coats).  It may take up to a week for your leaderboard totals to update.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Coats for Kids leaderboard reflects points only. Points are calculated based on total number of coats donated per student enrolled in the school (#coats/#students).

“We believe there is a great need and Anton’s is doing a great service for our community.”
– Walsh Middle School, Framingham, MA 2010 Partner