School Rewards

School Rewards™

A special thank you to Jordan’s Furniture for making the 2023/2024 School Rewards program possible!

To be eligible for the School Rewards™ Program, simply sign up as a School Collection Partner

By signing up, your school will be enrolled in the School Rewards™ Program for the chance to win great prizes.

Public, Parochial, and Independent Schools may participate. Any School that wins a prize for 3 consecutive years will have one year of ineligibility. 

The School Rewards awards 6 top placing schools!

We recognize that every school is different. Our School Rewards program is designed to award schools based on exemplary effort rather than collection volume alone.

The top placing elementary, middle, and high schools that collect the most number of coats will win:

  • $1,000 towards sports programs or after-school programs donated by Jordan’s Furniture

The top placing elementary, middle, and high school that collect the most coats per student enrolled in the school:

  • $1,000 towards sports programs or after-school programs donated by Jordan’s Furniture

How do we ensure that our school gets proper credit for the number of coats collected?

When bringing coats from your school to your local Anton’s Store, the customer service representative will present you with a receipt containing your school name and the number of coats donated that day.

NOTE: You can make as many drops as necessary throughout the posted collection dates. We suggest making weekly drop-offs to help manage donations and get coats to those in need faster!

  1. Visit our website and click “Post Your School’s Donation”.
  2. Find your school in the drop-down menu, and input the required fields from the donation receipt (i.e. receipt number, number of coats).
  3. Your points will automatically be calculated based on the number of coats donated. It may take up to a week for your leaderboard totals to update.
  4. Coat donations must be entered into the website to receive credit no later than one week following the end of the coat drive.