Fill out the registration form to register your school in the Coats for Kids collection drive as well as to be eligible to compete in the School Rewards Program™.


Q. “How do we ensure that our school gets proper credit for the number of coats collected?”

A. When bringing coats from your school to your local Anton’s Store, the customer service representative will present you with a receipt containing your school name.

When dropping off the coats, the Anton’s clerk will give you a receipt that contains the number of coats dropped off. When dropping off coats, tell the sales clerk what school you are from and the town, make sure all of your information if spelled correctly on the receipt.

Visit the Coats for Kids website and click “Post Your School’s Donation”. Find your school in the drop down menu, and input the required fields from the donation receipt (i.e. receipt number, number of coats). Your points will automatically be calculated based on the number of coats donated per student. It may take up to a week for your leaderboard totals to update.

Q. “Where can I drop-off coats?”

All 42 Anton’s Cleaners locations accept good quality coat donations. For the store nearest you click here. When dropping off donations, be sure to keep a copy of your drop-off form, hand the form to the Anton’s clerk and obtain a receipt. If you are NOT participating in school rewards, you can also bring your coats to any Jordan’s Furniture or Enterprise Bank.

Q. “Will Anton’s Cleaners come to a home, school or business to pick up donated coats?”

A. Anton’s Cleaners does not make pickups.
Donated coats must be taken directly to Anton’s Cleaners during business hours. If you have an individual or corporate donation, you can also take your donation to any of the Jordan’s Furniture store locations.

Q. “When should schools drop off their donated coats?”

A. As frequently as possible.
Dropping the coats off on a weekly basis is ideal. When coats are brought to Anton’s regularly, it helps get them to those in need faster.

Q. “What types of coats do you accept?”

As one of the largest coat drives, we accept all winter coats – kids, adults and babies – that are warm winter coats in good, wearable condition.
Please donate coats you would give a friend to wear. Do not donate coats that have rips/tears, broken zippers and/or permanent stains and please be sure to empty out all pockets.

Q. “Who gets the donated coats?”

A. Coats donated to Coats for Kids go directly to the local communities collecting the coats. We work with over 90 distribution partners comprised of social service agencies, schools, and religious groups in Southern New Hampshire and Massachusetts that will take the cleaned coats and distribute them throughout the local communities where they see the most need.